You know the worst part about surviving? Mourning your dead.

I never saw it coming. Never expected to watch the life drain from so many people I loved. The sting of betrayal cuts deep, and after choosing to break UCom law, I've been blacklisted–deemed an Unwelcome.

A group of females is missing, destined to be sold as slaves. So, when the Illusians and the warrior I love take off to find them, I join without a second thought.

Hell hath no fury like an Illusian scorned. And my Ren? He's about to set the universe on fire.

This is the second thrilling installment of the Her Illusian Warrior series. It follows the first book, Unexpected, closely and should only be enjoyed after reading Unexpected.

For the grown and sexy only. This book contains strong language, sexual situations and mention of sexual abuse.

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